Welcome to Minnie Notes!  I started this site/blog as a sort of personal journal about our camping experiences.  We’ve been camping for a little over a year and a half but recently started to  get even more excited about it when we purchased a new Winnebago Minnie 2401RG in February 2018.  We have had lots of good trips in our previous camper, but the layout was cramped and the bed almost being in the kitchen just wasn’t my idea of a relaxing vacation.  Truth be known, I am more of a “glamper.”  I guess I need to post a disclaimer that this blog is being written from a glamper’s point of view.

Ironically, the camper we own now is the first camper we ever stepped foot in when we first started looking.  At that time we owned a smaller tow vehicle and didn’t think it could handle the extra size and weight.  We’ve since upgraded our tow vehicle and went back and purchased the Minnie.  We are officially happy campers now.  I hope you enjoy my somewhat personal notes and documentation.  I tend to ramble… but there might be a few ideas or tips others might glean from this site.  Thank you in advance for spending time here 🙂 

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