A few improvements in our down time!

Greg was busy a few days ago putting up new blinds. The Winnebago’s and most campers come with pleated shades. Because these are made for RV’s it makes it very hard to raise them up and down. With pleated shades you get either full light or darkness. We added these in our previous camper and knew we needed them in here. Blinds make the camper so much lighter inside. With blinds you can slant them just a hair and no one can see in but you still have lots of light.

Another thing he added was a few slide-out drawers under the table. We really have plenty of storage in this camper, but we had these in our other camper and decided to utilize them here. I can already see one will be used for plastic silverware and the other will be used for paper and pens.


Our next outing is up to Raleigh for an overnight on Wednesday.  We will be staying at the fairgrounds so this should be interesting.

The next thing we added were these drawers.  I can’t tell you how much I love these drawers.  They were purchased at Ikea a few years ago.  For my business, I use about 12 of these racks with drawers in them for our orders that come in.  Unfortunately, I think they have been discontinued.  I do hope Ikea brings them back or something similar because these have been the best investment for storage of any kind.  We put these in our closet.  We don’t have that many hanging clothes to bring, and when we do we use the wardrobe next to the bed.  The drawers fit perfectly depth wise.  There still is a little room left on the sides, so this is where we put walking sticks and tall skinning things.  I love the floor plan of this camper!