Charleston, SC and James Island

We decided to extend our trip to Edisto Island this week by stopping and spending a couple of nights here in Charleston at James Island County Park.

This park is a beautiful place once you get to it. It took us about 4 hours to drive from where we live in Southport, NC but it was along 17 which is really congested in most areas. Getting through Myrtle Beach we always go around the busy areas, but south of Myrtle to Pawley’s Island is stop light after stop light. It’s not a big deal just driving, but with a 24 ft. camper attached to your back-end, it can create just a wee bit of tension. There were also areas of road construction to go along with the relaxing drive….

We landed here around 3:00pm. It’s been pretty cloudy and I didn’t get my DSLR out yesterday or today, so there aren’t many pictures to show you. I did manage to pull my phone out to get this shot of a kayak class going on. If we come back, we’ll have to bring our kayaks as there looks to be lots of areas to paddle. Although I did see one sign stating that “alligators live here,” so maybe not….

There is a ton of stuff to do here if we were staying longer. I would highly encourage anyone interested in this campground to click the link above to get a grasp on the huge offerings this campground has. Our site is #87 and we don’t feel crowded at all even though it is a full house this week. We have a full hook-up which makes it even nicer. There are some cottages also here which would make it a nice place for families to get together if some of them didn’t camp.

Tomorrow we will head out to Edisto Beach State Park Campground. This whole trip was sort of a spur of the moment trip. Usually I book way in advance but this trip was only booked in February. We ended up going up to spend Christmas in Ohio in December. That trip wasn’t blogged about because it was the same old trip…. stopping in Wytheville, VA, staying at my mother-in-laws driveway and the FMCA campground.

Around the beginning of February, we were thinking of planning some upcoming trips for later on in the spring. I got online and started searching for some places to go. I ended up finding Edisto Island. I had read a novel a few years ago called Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate and some of the scenes took place on Edisto Island. At the time I read it, it never occurred to me that it would be a place we might want to camp. It talked about a shell shop and some other establishments that I have no idea are real or made up for the book, but the place sounded wonderful. Oh and the book was really good also.

So…. when I found the Edisto Island State Park Campground site I started looking for reviews. What I found was that many people loved it and it was considered a little “gem” of a beach get-away. I proceeded to start to make reservations and realized it was booked full every other week during the spring and summer but this week. Even though I wanted to wait until we were sure to get a little warmer weather, I realized it was now or never for this particular campground. I was able to snag only 4 nights (Monday – Thursday) but I booked it.

The weather is suppose to be sunny most of the week with high’s in the upper 50′. Hopefully there will be lots of pictures in my next blog post. Until then…..