Cooler Shock Packs

So we are getting ready to leave on another trip and I’ve been reading about how accidents can happen when the propane is left on for the refrigerator while driving.  I’ve thought about this before, and felt like the risk was so slight and really didn’t pay much attention to all the warnings.  We’ve always left it on.  I frankly didn’t realize there was a risk at all until I saw where some people were warning about it on the various FB groups I’m in.  I felt it was a rare occurrence to have a spark ignite it from the gas station, but then I read about how even a blown tire could cause a leak in the lines.  This got me thinking….

I’ve decided that the risks just aren’t worth it and we will be leaving our propane off from now on.  One tip I got on-line (I would give credit if I could remember who recommended these) was to put these Cooler Packs in the refrigerator while on the road.  They take up a small amount of space and they’re suppose to last 24 hours.

I purchased these on Amazon last week and thought I’d do a little testing.  I froze them for 24 hours (48 was recommended) and just left one out on my counter.  By about 8 hours it was just barely cool to the touch.  That probably wasn’t a fair way to test them because the package says to put them in a size appropriate cooler (not sure what that is).  So my next test was to put 2 of them on a medium size cooler and let them sit all day (about 8 hours).  When I went to open up the cooler, the bags were still VERY cold.  At this point, these bags were looking more promising.  Today I decided to really give them a test with ice cream.  We live about 35 miles from our nearest Whole Foods.  Before I left for church I put 2 packs in the same medium soft sided cooler.  Church was about an 1-1/2 hours long and the car sat in the sun (temps were about 65 outside).  After church I proceeded to Whole Foods and purchased a few frozen and cold items, including small pints of ice cream.  The trip back took about 45 minutes. When I opened up the cooler, the ice cream was still rock solid!

So, when we leave for our trip Friday, we will have the refrigerator on off and I will put two of these in the refrigerator and two of them in the freezer.  I’m pretty sure they will keep things nice and cold and we don’t run any risks with the propane issues.