Douthat State Park, Millboro, VA

Douthat State Park – Millboro, VA (White Oak Campground)

We loved this state park in northern Virginia.   On the way there we were directed to take a small road that went up and down pretty steep grades through a mountain (thanks google).  We ended up  behind a semi that was literally going about 5 mph at every decent.   While trying to maintain the semi’s speed  we discovered our trailer brakes were not set properly.  and on a long (2 mile), steep decent, our tow vehicle’s brakes literally burned up.    Buy the grace of God we made it down into a tiny  (one stop light) town.  Once down, were able to roll into a parking lot (smelling rubber) and discovered we were only a block away from a brake shop that was just closing down for the day. Fortunately, the mechanic took the time to look our brakes over and  told us that if we waited about an hour, the brakes would cool and he felt we could make it the rest of the way (about 30, flat miles away).   Once at the park we settled in and un-hitched.  The next morning Greg drove into Clifton Forge and shelled out $750 for a a new brake job.  Evidently there was more damage done than just burning out a set of brake pads….

Once at the park we found it to be quite relaxing.  There were a few areas to hike and there was also a  nice restaurant onsite where we ate a breakfast and also a dinner there.  The lake was beautiful and the last night we were there, a live band performed on the park’s pavilion with the lake as a backdrop.  It almost felt like were on a movie set … it was so perfect.  You can view pictures of the park in my gallery of this area.  Pictures did not really do this place justice.  

  • Stayed 4 nights in August 2017
  • $30/night Water and Electric only
  • dump station at the entrance
  • Swimming area and boat rentals at the lake
  • Restaurant at the park
  • No Wi-fi and cell service was almost non-existent at the campground.  At the restaurant area and park buildings you could pick up a stronger signal.
  • Large back-in spaces at White Oak Camping area