Edisto Island State Park

We arrived in Edisto Beach Monday afternoon after driving from James Island Campground. When we arrived at the State Park Campground’s gate, we picked up our ticket for our pre-reserved site. We then proceeded to drive to our site. We noticed a sign on our way that said “caution low clearance” but we assumed that was for those “big rigs” and not our little TT. We thought certainly many tt have come through here to get to their site… Boy were we wrong. After snaking around the trees we came to site #6. Our TT is 24′ (box only) and apparently this site was only 15′ deep. Uh Oh….

If you have ever tried to make reservations at Edisto, you would know how impossible they are to get on short notice. People book these sites a year in advance. People call this a hiddlen gem and I can see why. Here we were, 4-1/2 hours from home and we couldn’t fit in our reserved spot. I have to blame myself. We’ve never had issues with sites being too small before and I guess I didn’t pay attention to the depth on these sites. I am kind of surprised the woman at the gate didn’t warn us about driving down that little path with our “big” trailer. Not only could we not get in the site, but we afraid we wouldn’t be able to exit the path either. I got out of the truck and spotted Greg all the way making sure palm trees didn’t scrape our roof. It definitely was low clearance after all.

We finally got free of the trees and went back to the check-in gate to see if there was anything available for the 4 nights we had reserved. Luckily there was some spaces but we would have to move after 2 nights to go and set-up on another site for 2 more nights. We figured that since it wasn’t a full hook-up this would be no problem and we would just use that move to go and empty our tanks at the dump station.

Note: If you ever plan on spending time here, your blue boy will be useless. You have to drive down a main road for about 1-1/2 miles to get to the dump station. Unless you can lift 40 lbs of grey tank (or whatever your blue boy holds) onto your truck, there won’t be any feasible way to get it there and dump it.

A few images around the campground.

A little more about Edisto Island….  This is a really laid back place.  There is not a whole lot of “entertainment” other than the beach.  What I like so much about it is that it’s very small.  The population is only about 2,300 people and most of them that own houses are vacationers.  There are some beautiful beach homes along the ocean and I did see a few more being built.  There are a few shops for souvenirs and a few local restaurants.   From the campground you can ride your bike anywhere you want to go on a warm day.  Since we’ve been here it’s been chilly (in the 50’s), so we haven’t gotten a lot of riding in.  We made reservations for next year a little later in the season, so hopefully we’ll explore the area more then.

The SeaCow Eatery

Tuesday we went to breakfast at a cute little cafe called The SeaCow Eatery.  Darling little place and the food was pretty good also.

Tonight we went to the Waterfront Restaurant.  We never know how to dress for “fine dining” on an island, but as we predicted it was quite casual.  The seafood plate that Greg ordered and the Shrimp salad I ordered were very good.  We splurged on a chocolate cake that was as tall as a building.  It actually tasted just like a cake I make but had about 4 more layers to it lol…

Since it’s been so chilly here and we are’t really spending much time actually on the beach or riding bikes, we decided to leave a day early and head back to Charleston.  We haven’t really explored the city of Charleston like we have wanted to and so this might be the perfect opportunity.  I have booked a KOA that we’ve stayed at before in Mt. Pleasant.  This campground seems like it’s easier to get to the areas in Charleston we want to visit than to go back to James Island.   To be continues…