First Night of Actual Camping (aka glamping)….


We left about 10 this morning and landed at Hilton Head RV Resort & Marina  around 4. We stopped a few times along the way. We stopped at the South Carolina welcome center and parked in the Truck/RV lot.

Look are in the open….

We thought we had parked out in the open. While eating lunch 2 trucks came and parked within 2 feet of us on both sides. There were other places to park for these truckers, but they had to park smack dab right next to us. Maybe they have an attitude against campers being in the truck parking but that’s where we were told to do. We finished eating our lunch and left.  

Hilton Head RV and Marina Resort

The campground….  this is a beautiful place and a little pricy as far as campgrounds are concerned.  We are paying $81.25/night which is a-lot compared to the $35 – $49 we usually pay.  But this IS Hilton Head… the land of wealthy golfers and retirees so we expect to pay a little more.  They have daily trash pick-up, really good wifi but we are still trying to figure out the cable on our tv’s.  We think it’s probably just a setting that we need to fix but as of now, we can’t figure it out.  Not really a big deal since we stream programs most of the time.  It’s right down the Intercostal Waterway from where we live so the views are not that much different than 150 yards from our house.  But the campground is really nice.  Each spot is sort of tight, but they have really nice landscaping in between the concrete pads.  There are mostly Class A’s and 5th wheels here but there are a few of us towables amongst the crowd.  

Off to plan a day of bike riding….  good night!