A Good Ole Fashioned Print Travel Guide!


Last week in Raleigh I went to a Barnes & Nobles. I really didn’t have anything particular in mind to look for as I do most of my shopping on Amazon or listen to books on Audible.  This particular day I just went browsing through the aisles (like I love to do)….  I came upon the travel section and decided to see if they had anything related to camping.  On the bottom shelf I spotted this guide.  I think I remember years ago (let’s just say it was over 40 years ago) when my parents had a camper,  I think they may have had one of these books laying around the house.  Back then I could understand how useful this might be because they didn’t have the internet.  As I was leafing through it it struck my as having some really, really easily accessed information.  I leafed through it some more and before I knew it, it was up on the counter and I was buying it. :0  I thought I would take some time to review it here and let you know why I think it is a valuable tool for campers.

I need to preface this review with a little bit about my background.  I have been on computers for over 35 years.  I was reviewing word processors back in the early 80’s and by the late 80’s I was programing  in DOS to generate reports for a franchise we once owned.  Since then, I dabbled in Ebay, was the founder of  a 4,000 member paid subscription forum and have created and  managed my own business website for 18 years.  I am saying all of this to let you know that I rely on the internet 99% of the time for all kinds of information.  This being said, there are rare occasions where good ole fashioned print books can be the best tool.  I found this to be the case with this RV Guide.

Normally when I search for a campground I use either Google, AllStays app or Trip Advisor.  All are good resources but when I go to read the reviews they seem to be all over the place.  Not everyone’s standards are the same.  My husband thinks I’m a little hoity-toity, but all I really am looking for is a well maintained, clean campground.  I do care about the view but if it’s crummy I don’t care how great the view is …. I’ll pass.

To give an example I will use a campground we were less than impressed with.  Holly Bluff Campground in Asheboro, NC had mixed reviews.  

  • Google 4.5 stars
  • AllStays 3 stars
  • Trip Advisor 3.5 stars

I personally would give it 2 stars.  To me it felt like a “trailer park.”  nuff said……

With this travel guide it looks like they have a rating system.  I looked up a few campgrounds that we have visited and liked and the ratings seem to be spot on.  We really liked Lakewood RV Park in Hendersonville/Flat Rock, NC.  This RV guide gave the rating 9.5/10/10.  I believe this would be accurate for this park.  When I looked up Holly Bluff the rating was 7.5/5.5/6.5.  I probably would never have stayed there with this rating.

I paid $26.95 (with my B&N discount card) for this at Barnes & Nobles but I am noticing Amazon has it for $18.53.  Live and learn… That’s what I get for impulsive shopping.  It does have some coupons in it so it looks like I’ll have to justify my over spending lol…