Hilton Head day 1

Sweet Pea always excited to go anywhere!

We started out the day headed for Coligny Beach Park.  I had read in a brochure that Hilton Head really doesn’t have a downtown but this area was the most centralized gathering area.  It has a bunch of shops, restaurants  and access to the beach  so we thought this was a good place to start.  We decided to drive in this first day to get our bearings and to take Sweet Pea.  We’ll be doing some biking tomorrow but this was a good way to get a lay of the land to see where to even start biking.

We were sort of over/underwhelmed as we headed there.  Mostly just strip after strip of shopping areas all along a busy road.  Everything is all nestled in, so you really couldn’t see them.  I think they have ordinances where all signs can only be 6 ft high.  It was strange to see a Whole Foods or a Fresh Market in this type of setting but there they all were.  I’m sure just about any chain we wanted we could have found here….even Kroger’s was here with a 6 ft sign.

Walkway to the beach from the shopping area.ls to sit on at 

We proceeded to the Coligny Beach area and sure enough there were lots of beach and gift shops right across from the beach.  It all had a really nice vibe to it.  Bike paths everywhere in that area so we’ll probably head back there with the bikes.  We also walked out onto the beach.  We really didn’t have our beach gear with us so we just walked out there for a few minutes.  Once out there, we realized we should have brought some towels at least.  It was a BEAUTIFUL 75 degrees and the air felt so wonderful.  That would have been a perfect to sit there for hours and never get too hot or cold….   The beach here was huge.  There were lots and lots of people in the area but the beach looked like it had a lot of room for thousands of beachgoers.  Because of where we live, it’s hard to imagine our beaches ever getting this crowded.  It definitely is a different feel here but since it was sort of the off season, it was still okay… 

After we spent a little time in this area, we proceeded to find a dog park for Sweet Pea to run around at.  It was about 4 miles away at another park called Chaplin Community Park.  This was a really quiet place with only one other person & dog there.  It’s nestled in the woods a little but they have two different areas for dogs.  Supposedly there was a beach access there also, but we didn’t see it.

After Sweet Pea got her romping in, we headed back to Coligny (still don’t know how to pronounce it) Beach.  We had spotted a restaurant earlier that looked good and I had read they were dog friendly.  It turned out to be a really good place to eat.

After lunch we headed back to where we are staying.  It is so nice to sit in the camper with all the windows open with a breeze coming through and write this post.   We thought we were going to go to the Seafood festival tonight, but after looking at my tickets I realized it was tomorrow during the day.  Looks like we’ll have to just hang around the RV resort tonight….no problem 🙂

Misc. pictures from today....