Hilton Head – Day 2


Today we left Sweet Pea home (in the camper).  She was just fine as you can see by the smile  on her face. We planned on riding bikes and we couldn’t take her.  We’ve left her alone in our other camper before and she’s just fine.  That’s one nice thing about having a camper…in a hotel you really can’t leave a dog alone.  If they bark, you get a call from the front desk.  If you’re not in the hotel and they call,  you have to leave what you’re doing and get back to her.  She’s normally not a barker, but if strange noises are outside, she will bark.

We started off the day headed for Coligny Park Beach again, only because we thought that was a good starting point and were familiar with it from yesterday.  We wanted to go to Harbor Town and South Beach and felt this would give us a good ride.  We parked at Bi-Lo Foods in the parking lot.  There were no signs up anywhere saying we couldn’t park there and it wasn’t very busy so we thought this would be better than trying to find a spot in the public beach parking.  The bike path joined the parking lot and we were good to go.  The riding on the path was wonderful.  I have not been on a bike since last fall and thought I would have issues, but it really felt effortless.  The path wound around trees and was really beautiful.  I could have ridden a lot farther but we were stopped at the gate to Sea Pines.  We thought we could ride a bike on up to Harbor Town and South Beach but the guard said we could only enter by car.  It’s a private community and I think I heard him say to the car ahead of us that it was $6 to get in.  I’ll have to do some research on this tonight and try to find a way around this for tomorrow’s adventures.

Riding on the beach!

On the way back we saw an opening straight to the beach.  This was called Adler Beach Park.  It’s not really a park but had a nice entrance to the beach.  Greg wasn’t sure he wanted to take his bike (which has narrow tires) onto the beach.  He told me before that he wasn’t going to do it.  Well when we got out there and realized how hard the sand was packed, he agreed to ride on it.  My bike has fatter tires on it, more of a hybrid style bike and I knew I wanted to ride on the beach before we got there.  We’re both glad we decided to give this a try.  It was exhilarating to be riding along the ocean waves.  The sand was packed so hard and the temperature was in the mid 70’s.  We decided we would ride back to Coligny Beach Park and get something to eat there.  We rode and rode and then I decided we might have ridden a little to far.  Sure enough I got out the Google app and it showed us about a mile past where we thought it would be.  It really wasn’t a problem we just turned around and found it.

Once back at Coligny Beach Park area, we found the  Coffee and Wine Bar I had scouted out yesterday to get a bite to eat.  We ended up only splitting  this scrumptious chocolate twist and had four-berry juice smoothies.  Really, really good.

After we ate, we decided we needed to get back on the bikes to sort of work off that pastry.  We thought about going in the opposite direction on the beach but after looking at the map we realized it probably would have been an out and back type of ride.   There didn’t seem to be any way to get back on the road from the beach for quite a ways.  We then just decided to go back to Adler Beach area and then hop back on the bike path going along the road.  Once at Adler, we wanted to go just a tad further to see what was out there.  It was mostly an uncrowded beach area that looked like it went for miles lined with beautiful beach homes.  We went a little further,  turned around and headed back for the bike path and then onto where we were parked.

Next on our schedule for the day was the Seafood Festival.  We drove about 5 miles to an area that was suppose to be a Plantation.  I think they just called it that for the grounds because it didn’t resemble a plantation at all.  It looked like about 10 acres used for events.  Once we got parked (which was a feat in itself) we went through the Groupon entrance.  I had scored some discounted tickets a few weeks ago for this event.  Only saved a couple of bucks but discovered  it was easier to go through the Groupon entrance than to wait to buy tickets at the regular gate.  By this time we were hungry for some real food.  Since Greg and I can never decide on what to eat at these types of events, we split up and each of us went exploring to find something that matched our taste buds.  At the end of the row I found just what I was looking for.  Low Country Skewers….  We had purchased food and drink tickets ahead of time and for 3 tickets ($3) I got a short skewer.  They looked so good I got two.  Oh my…. they were delicious…..  I know there were lots of food vendors there but this is exactly what I was looking for so I went back and got two more.  That was my dinner at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Greg and I met up and he had spent his tickets on more of a variety of offerings than I did.   We ended our visit with some iced Americanos.  All in all it had delicious food and if we come back in February next year, we will make sure to do this festival again.


A little of the entertainment from the festival.

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