Jack Knife Sofa upgrade

We’ve had our 2401 rg for a little over a year and while we love this floorplan, we found the sofa to be somewhat uncomfortable.  Months ago we invested in new foam, thinking that would help with the comfort.  But even with the new foam, the depth of the sitting area was just too shallow.  So….. we decided to go on a hunt for some kind of sofa/seats that would not only fit the area but was also very comfortable.  We also had the slide step-up to contend with.  We knew we had to find something with removable legs for the height to be right.

On our last trip to Ohio we shopped at Ikea in Cincinnati.  We found there the perfect sofa.  It is called Klippan and here is the link.  Klippan Sofa We got a blue/grey cover which I don’t think is available on-line.  It’s a slipcover so I could take it off and wash it periodically maybe.  If that doesn’t work well, I can always sew another one and use the old one for the pattern.  I’ve even seen on Etsy lately that people are making slip covers for Idea furniture so I could go that route also.  So far it’s held up really well. 

You’ll also notice we took the legs off of the sofa when we installed it.  It is the perfect seating height without looking too high.  Greg had to do some modifications to the bottom apron but we were able to match the paint up almost so it is not noticeable where the new wood starts.

The sofa ended up to be a little sort for the measurements but Greg decided he could build a small cabinet to fill in the difference.  We were amazed how well Lowe’s matched up the paint to the cabinets.  You really can’t tell the difference.

The original jack-knife sofa had some storage behind it and also under the seat that we lost, but the small cabinet helps.  We gained an extra outlet that Greg installed.  It  has 2 charging ports for our devices and one electrical outlet.  It’s really nice to be able to put a small lamp there on the new ledge. 

This sofa is a spring sofa.  I’ve sat on it for hours knitting and watching tv at times and I never get uncomfortable.  The seat area is somewhat larger than what we had.   It’s very deep so it’s easier to sit in different positions.  It’s even wide enough for a bed when our granddaughters come for a visit.  So all in all it was a great modification for us.  Sometimes I want to keep the trailer still new looking and hesitate to do many mods that will affect the way this looks and the resale value, but I think in the end, comfort for our trips trumped worrying about resale value.

Screen Shot 2019 04 13 at 11.29.26 AM