Last Day of Hilton Head

Well today was our last day here.  We started out today headed over to Harbor Town.  We had to pay $6.00 per car and $1 for each bike for a total of $8.00 to get into SeaPines which is the only way to get up to  Harbor Town.  We really were not sure what all was in Sea Pines but felt like the cost would be worth it.  Once in, we headed up to Harbor Town passing quite a few private clubs and beautiful homes.  It was a really nice peaceful place.  There is a Yacht Basin like we have at home but it didn’t have the same feel.  There was a strip of  boutique and t-shirt shops and a cafe where we had breakfast.   We saw where we could bike for miles but we brought Sweet Pea with us today and that made bike riding almost impossible.

After we spent a little time in Harbor Town, we headed for South Beach.  We thought certainly there would be an access point somewhere in Sea Pines, but we found out differently.  Actually, if we had read our day pass we could have saved a little time.  It states that there is no public beach access anywhere in Sea Pines.  That was a bummer…  so we paid $8.00 to stroll around Harbor Town and eat breakfast.  Not sure that was really worth $8.  Next time we’re here we will leave Sweet Pea back at the camper and we’ll make our $8 worth it by biking all the trails that are in that area.

The day was still young when we came out of Sea Pines so we headed up towards the area we have become familiar with… Coligny Beach Park.  It was another gorgeous day and so we decided to go back on the beach with our bikes but this time with Sweet Pea too.  Greg insisted he could ride and handle her so I just sat back and watched.  Sure enough she went strolling besides him as he rode down the beach.  I followed behind watching them go.  It was quite a site to see.

We came back to the camper around 4 to cook some steaks I had brought with us.  We had planned on cooking outside and also doing some vegetables wrapped in foil on the grill.  Right about 5:30 it started raining.  Rain was not in the forecast but there it was, pouring right at dinner time.  Cooking in a camper is not a great idea.  I didn’t want to smell up the place with food so we started looking for a place to go and pick up something for dinner to bring back.  We really couldn’t find a place that we thought did take-out so we ended up going to a crab place we had passed every time we went to the beach.  It was called the Crazy Crab.  I’m so glad it rained.  It had been quite some time since I’ve had crab legs and this place was great.  Greg ordered a shrimp boil and I had crab legs and she crab soup.  Now I feel like we have officially done Hilton Head.

We had considered staying an extra day but after looking at the forecast it looks like rain again tomorrow.

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