Pick-up day

We purchased our Minnie from Wilmington RV.  The walk-through was pretty uneventful.  The salesman needed to run copies of our paperwork and told us to just go in it and “play.”  We checked out  everything from the air conditioner, faucets, lights, tv, radio awning, slide.  By the time he was done, we had pretty much given it a through inspection on the inside.  Then we walked around the outside while Matt the salesman told us where everything was.  We’re excited  to have 2 – 25 gallon grey tanks. This is a welcome improvement to our 1 – 30 gallon tank our previous camper had.  We don’t plan to do a lot of boon docking but if we do, the larger tanks will help out.  A few times we stayed at State Parks without sewer hookups and we could usually go 2 – 3 days without emptying them.  With this larger tank, we might be able to go 1 more day.

Next was getting the hitch adjusted to our vehicle.  That took a little (understatement) amount of time.  During this time I was once again playing inside the Minnie making sure everything was up to snuff.  We are just so impressed so far with the quality of this travel trailer.  I don’t think we ever would have realized the differences if this were not our second go-round.  #liveandlearn

Excited to really try this out on our trip to Hilton Head in a few days where we plan on giving our new Minnie a thorough evaluation.