Snow in April? Spring Trip Day 1 and 2

Well our plans were to be at the Gallipolis Fairgrounds tonight but here we sit in Wytheville, Virginia….  Sometimes the weather reads  my blog and decides to shake things up a bit…..

Last night we stayed in Mayberry Campground and our plans were to only stay in that area one night.  It was only 4-1/2 hours from  our sunny, 70 degree Southport (eh hem).  We got there around 3:30 in the afternoon.  This was the first time we stayed at Mayberry or in the Mt. Airy, NC area.  Upon first impressions it looked “okay.”  The check-in was easy and fast.  Right outside the office there was an RV dealer that had a trailer and tent set up with all kinds of RV supplies.  Of course Greg needed to get a new gadget for the sewer hookup so he went shopping.  After packing this camper for the past week I knew I didn’t need anything.  I have just enough spots for the things that I need and this helps me when I get impulsive and want to buy RV goodies that I don’t really need. 

After the shopping, we attempted to find our spot. We had a map, but this place was a maze.  We went around a few times realizing we were mixing up the two “fishing” ponds they have placed on the property.  We finally found our spot (site #50) and was sort of shocked at it’s size.  We had no problem backing in-between the two 5th wheels but once we were in, there was really nothing.  There was a bush about 5 ft from our door without any fire pit or picnic table.  It was just sort of odd.  We’ve never been to a campground where you don’t even get a picnic table.  The whole park looked like an RV parking lot.  I knew they had a bath house somewhere on the property but I never saw it.  Since we were only staying one night it was fine but not sure I would want to spend much longer there.

Mayberry Campground
Mayberry Campground

After we got set-up we decided to check out Mt. Airy that was about 5 miles away.  As I’ve said in my previous post, this is supposedly where Andy Griffith Show was filmed.  We soon learned from a local that it was not actually filmed in town but in a back lot somewhere.  Even though it’s not the actual location, Mt. Airy has carved a touristy atmosphere into the town based on nostalgia from that show.  We got there a little late in the afternoon and as expected most of the town was rolled up.  There were some nice art and boutique shops and if we had gotten there earlier, I probably would have spent quite a bit of time in them.  We did end up a local eatery around 6 and after dinner went back to our campsite.  We were glad we got to visit and see Mt. Airy as it had been our bucket list, but after the short visit I’m glad we didn’t plan to spend more than an afternoon there.  Probably if we had planned on spending a longer period of time, bike riding around the area  would have immersed us a little more with the surrounding areas. 

When we got back to the camper that evening and went over to meet some people we had connected with on a Minnie FB group.  They were coming down from PA headed to Charleston, SC and had only de-winterized that morning. Greg spent some time with Gary and it was nice for them to compare notes about their campers. 

Later that evening we started navigating the next day’s trip to Gallipolis.  All we were seeing were radar images of rain and snow throughout the mountain regions we were going to have to drive.  We were starting to realize we might have to stay another day here in Mayberry.  I guess there are worse things….  The next morning I called down to the office to tell them we were staying an extra night.  I never imagined this exact spot would be reserved, but indeed it was.  Someone else was coming in today to spend a week on site #50 at Mayberry Campground….unbelievable lol…  They told us they could put us on another site but that we would have to move if we wanted to stay.  Because we were going to hitch the truck back up we decided without much hesitation to just go an hour north to our usual Ohio mid-point stop here in the Wytheville KOA.  We were comfortable with this campground and from our experiences KOA’s and State/National parks usually have the sites and amenities we enjoy.

The temps last night were comfortable enough to sleep with just a fan running but I realized I could not sleep another night on the mattress that came with our camper.  I’m not sure why I didn’t notice this much the other times we had slept on it, but the mattress is terrible.  Much worse than our previous camper.   We have a 3″ foam topper on it, but even with that, you sink right to the wood platform.  Greg had been complaining about it before now, but last night was the last straw for me.  

Before we checked into our campground  here in Wytheville, we decided to run by Walmart to see if they had any type of a foam mattress or topper just to get us through the rest of our trip.  I even thought about just sticking a air mattress under our topper.  Anything would be better than what Winnebago’s supplies in their Minnies.  I went on-line and actually some of the foam mattresses sold at Walmart were getting good reviews.  I wasn’t sure this little town of Wytheville would have anything in-stock but to our delight they had one queen one.  We snagged it up and did quite a dance around the camper getting it unboxed and onto our bed.  You’re suppose to let it fluff out for 12 – 48 hours but we just had to throw it on the bed, for now on top of the mattress (didn’t know how to discard of a mattress on the road)  and under our foam topper.  Not sure that will have a chance to fluff but already we can feel a huge difference.  I might need to get out our little step stool to get into the now 40″+ high bed but a comfortable sleep makes it all worth it.  When we get home we’ll probably discard the original mattress but if you see a mattress along an interstate going north, it wasn’t us…..

Tomorrow looks like a beautiful sunny day for traveling through the mountains.  It might be cold, but at least it won’t be snowing…. to be continued.


Misc. photos from Mt. Airy, NC. aka Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show