Spring Trip 2018, Ohio to Flat Rock, NC

On our traveling day to Ohio we woke up in Wytheville, VA  to find ice and snow on the camper and steps.  This was our  day to travel and we wanted to get an early start, but we had a little cleaning up to do.  At the last minute I had packed an ice scraper before we left home.  Greg sort of rolled his eyes at me when he saw this in the truck, but it came in handy for this very day.  Who would have thought of waking up to snow in Virginia on April 8th.

The most important part was getting ice off the roof of the slide out.  We knew we couldn’t put the slide in (or didn’t want to) with all that slush and ice on it.  Greg put a heater in the upper cabinets over the sofa.  Not sure if this was a safe thing to do, but it seemed to work to melt the ice a little.  It also was a little odd to see others in the campground trying to figure out how to remove the ice from their slides to get ready to go.  We saw one man on his roof bending down over it.  I guess he didn’t pack an extra ladder like Greg does.  After Greg got done with ours, I saw him heading over to help him out.  I was afraid the man was going to fall off his roof, but that’s just the worry wart in me.

We eventually got on the road and made it to Ohio around 6:00 pm.  Parking at my in-laws was a little more difficult this time.  Our camper is about 2′ longer than the previous one and it was just a little bit harder to maneuver around their trees.  They have a lot of land, but we needed to hook-up next to their  vacant rental house in the front of their property because the water was better.  To do this we had to back it up so that others could still use the driveway.  It was a little tricky, but Greg eventually got it in the perfect spot.  Getting it out was another story…

While Greg stayed with my in-laws, I went to stay at my son’s home to watch our granddaughter for a few days while her mom was having our new grandson.  It was a good chance for Greg to visit with his elderly parents and for me to get a chance to spoil the 3 year old.  She didn’t exactly get to preschool on-time (1/2 hour early lol) but  we had a great time.  I could go on and on about our family visit but I am refraining and trying to keep this blog about camping and our camper.  Oh but it’s hard not to post a picture of this new grandson….  meet Levi Blake!


After my daughter-in-law came home from the hospital, we moved the camper to the Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) campsite in Cincinnati, OH.  What a great location this was.  It’s on the east side of the city and  close to where our son lives (Mariemont).  By staying at this campground I really got to discover another part of Cincinnati that I rarely visited (at least by car).  It was warming up here and there were quite a few bikers along all the streets and trails that run through the city.  Cincinnati is a very bike friendly town.   I use to bike with the Cincinnati Bike Club a few years ago and so many areas in this part of the city were bringing back memories.  The Little Miami Bike Trail is a wonderful trail.  If you ever get to Cincinnati bring your bikes and jump on it.  There are just miles and miles of trails to bike in this area. 

1-1/4 mile loop in back of FMCA’s campground.

While we were at the FMCA’s campground, our other granddaughters came to stay with us for 2 nights.  After about 2 hours we soon realized our camper was not large enough for a 10 and 11 year old plus a 70 lb. dog lol…  Our previous camper had small bunks, but this camper we had to lower the dining table to make the bed up.  It sort of made it  hard in the mornings to do breakfast.  It’s not that easy to make the dinette into a bed so we left it down for the day.  I never knew two young girls could have so much stuff crammed into bags to bring with them lol…  The older one had a soccer game on Saturday morning, so of course all the soccer paraphernalia had to come also.  We barely have enough room for 2 adults and now we were tripping over kids shoes, clothes, craft supplies, books and of course all their bedding.  Whew, I don’t know how young families do it.  

One nice thing about the FMCA’s campground is that they had a large grassy field for the girls to run around and practice soccer on.  The whole campground was fenced in and it seemed very secure even though it was in the city.  There was also a short bike/walking trail right behind the campground.  We were given a code to open the gate to get onto it.  It was really quite nice to have that attached to the campground in the city.  

Kentucky Horse Park Campground

Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Lexington, KY.  We had heard great reviews on The Kentucky Horse Park Campground so we felt this was a good place stop on our way back to North Carolina.  It’s only 2-1/2 hrs away from Cincinnati.  Since we went to our granddaughter’s soccer game that morning and then went back to visit with our new grandson and our other granddaughter for a short period of time, we felt this was a good distance to shoot for last night.  It was spitting rain the whole time we were traveling and then also after we got there.

We arrived about 2pm and I had set aside this day to do some laundry.  Our original spot was reserved  in the back of the campground but I asked for a change in location to be closer to the laundry facility.  Since it was a yucky/rainy day I just decided to get all the laundry done.  It was a beautiful area but we had planned on staying only one night and it was raining, so we  used the time to recoup from all the babysitting from the previous week.  When you don’t have kids around most of the year and then watch 3 of them off and on for a week, it takes a little recuperating from lol…  

We left this morning to head for Flat Rock around 10.  Once again it was raining.  We ended up driving in quite a bit of rain through the mountains, but thank the Lord we made it safe and sound here in Lakewood RV resort.  Poor Greg set up in a downpour.  We were  thinking we could just pull in and jump in the camper.  We had battery, fresh water and empty tanks so we thought we could just wait out this rainstorm.  But before I knew it Greg was out there setting everything up.  He’s become a real pro after 6 set-ups and take-downs this trip but setting up in the rain like this gets a gold star in my book lol…

Bosch Compact Mixer

Because Greg was being so sweet today, I decided to try once again to bake him his favorite cookies tonight.  I might be the only one that packs a stand mixer in their camper.  I bought this for when we thought we were going to have 2 houses a few years ago.  It is so lightweight and works almost as well as my KitchenAid at home.  It should because I think it’s almost as expensive as the smallest KitchenAid, but anyway it’s a great little mixer for the camper.

Last time I tried to bake these in this camper the bottoms burnt to a crisp and the tops were not quite done.  This time I raised the rack up to the highest position and they came out wonderful.  There has been talk on the FB group about stones and airbake cookie sheets and so on.  I was convinced I needed to invest in something to get things to bake evenly.  But after I baked these cookies so perfectly I think it was just a matter of moving the rack up.  Who knew?

1/2 of these are already gone!

Tomorrow we plan on driving over to Brevard and then on Tuesday (our 37th wedding anniversary) to check out Chimney Rock before heading home on Wednesday.   It’s been a wonderful trip so far and I’m sure once we get home, we’ll be anxious to head out again.