Spring Trip Planning

getting ready to leave….

We’ll be getting the Minnie out from storage tomorrow to get ready for our next trip.  We are about to start our trip up to Ohio and stopping along the way at a few other places.  We don’t have a lot of time, but we will be welcoming a new grandson being born so this is a perfect excuse to go traveling/camping.  Let the planning/packing/cooking/shopping begin….

Stop #1 will be Mt. Airy, NC.  I called Mayberry Campground the other day and asked if they had any availability for one night.  Mt. Airy is the town of the fictitious Mayberry where The Andy Griffith show was filmed.  When the gentlemen answered, I almost thought he was in character with his southern accent and charm.  I’ve never had a campground only take our name and told us they would keep a “look-out for us.”  No credit card deposit required.  We hopefully will get there by early afternoon so we can run into town to check things out.  People said it was just a few hours to really “see” the town so this should give us plenty of time.  If we have any extra time, we’d like to check out Pilot Mnt. which is a little south of here.

Stop #2 will be in Gallipolis, OH.  Greg found a Jr. Fairgrounds here that has 200 full hookups for $20/night.  We think that’s a bargain.  The interesting part about this stay is that the temps are suppose to get down in the 20’s.  We’ve camped before when it was low 30’s but staying overnight with temps at 26 – 27 degrees will be something new.  From past experience we’ve learned campers get a little damp from condensation if you don’t leave a window cracked, so our goal for this night is to try and keep the dampness at bay.  I think this will be the coldest night of our week.  After that the temps should be in the 40’s at least… I hope.

Stop #3 will be at Greg’s parents in  Middletown, OH.  We will be be pulling up on his parents land.  They have some acreage but we usually pull up next to the barn to hookup to water and electric.  We will only be staying there a few nights so we should be good.  

Stop #4 We will be visiting with our son and his family (+ new grandson) in Cincinnati, OH. I had searched and searched this area for a campground and the closest thing we could ever come up with was a KOA in Lebanon, OH…not exactly close.  We’ve stayed there before but was really hoping for something closer.  I told our son our dilemma and within minutes he sends me the link to this Family Motor Coach Associations  campground.  They have about 20 sites with full hook-up really close to where he lives.  In July of 2017 the FMCA voted to let towables be members of this long-time coach association.  Because of this, we were able to join for $50 (I had a $10 off coupon) and then because we were members, they let members stay on this site for 2 nights FREE per month.  Win win situation!  Not only is this very close to our son and his kids, but it also is right on the bike path that we frequented often when we lived in the area.  We will literally walk out the camper and be on the bike path that leads to Otto Armleder Memorial Park and Recreation Complex.  Great area for biking and a great dog park.   Our granddaughters (ages 10 & 11) will be spending a few nights with us in the camper so this is a huge deal 🙂  Now if we could just get some decent weather up there we’d be all set.  We are coming from the south and rarely does a day go by when the sun doesn’t shine.  I’m looking at the future forecast and am reminded why we moved :/

Stop #5   Kentucky Horse Park.  This will only be about 2 hrs. from Cincinnati so hopefully we will get there early afternoon.  I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place but we will just be spending one night.  Maybe when we come back, we’ll plan to spend more time there.

Stop #6  Flat Rock, NC.  We’ll be going back to Lakewood RV Resort  for 3 nights. This will be the 4th time we’ve stayed here.  There is just something nice about going back to a place we are familiar with. We’ve stayed here when we went to the Biltmore and also to Dupont Forest, but this time we’ll be heading out to Brevard to check it out.  I’ve heard it was a nice little town and it’s been on my list of go-to places for some time.  Even though this is about 35 miles from where we’ll be staying, we know we like this campground.   It is for 55+ years of age and we like the atmosphere.  We’ll be staying on site #69 which we’ve also stayed on before.  Lots to do and see in the area so we’re leaving the itinerary sort of open here.  

After Flat Rock we will head home.  It will be a 13 day trip so hopefully we will be well rested and ready to get back into the work week.