Trip to Lake Kerr in June – day 1 and 2

Well we are presently into day 2 of our Kerr Lake camping trip.  We hadn’t planned on doing 2 trips in June, but since Falls Lake got postponed due to rain, the two trips fell pretty close together.  After the rainy stay at Falls Lake I was kind of excited to come here.  The weather was suppose to be pretty good even if it is a little hot.  I had heard quite a bit about how nice this area was but was not prepared to love it quite so much.

Arrival Day:

It took us about 5 hours due to the fact we stopped twice.  It’s only 210 miles, but we tend to not go over 65mph due to trying to get the best gas milage we can.  I think we ended up getting around 10mpg which is really good when hauling a camper.  We drove up to Raleigh and on from there up to this area.  We knew from past trips to Raleigh there are some really nice rest stops.  They are easy in and outs.  I got to thinking about 20 minutes in, that it would be a good time for me to learn how to drive this rig.  We stopped at the first rest-area and I got behind the wheel.  Since the next one was only 42 miles away I felt I could handle the drive with ease.  I’ve driven a 3/4 ton van and trucks and Tahoes for years.  What could possible be so different…. a 26 long  turtle on your back, that’s what.  Starting off, it really didn’t seem that hard.  Greg  installed a rear camera about a month ago, so if I had to pass someone the camera would help me.  The 42 miles were sort of easy.  I did feel a couple wind gusts come up but other than that, I think I could handle it on a longer trip.  I’m not really all that experienced with maneuvering it around parking lots or gas stations, but on this easy on, easy off scenario, I knew I could do it and did exactly that.  Greg got back behind the drivers seat after that and it was a pretty easy drive on in here to our destination.

When we arrived I was so thrilled with our spot.  It is a double spot (double the price), but it was well worth it.  There is no one on our slide out side and our front door side is a pretty good distance from our neighbors.  The view is gorgeous  of the lake.  You can see more images in my gallery click here.  Once we arrived we realized we forgot a few items.  One of them was the rug we set out at every trip.  Our last trip we decided to store it in our storage unit next to where we store the camper.  It was a new place to put it, and we totally forgot it.  This site is all little rocks and pea gravel and we definitely could have used it.  Another item I forgot was a new little fan I had bought for our refrigerator.  I bought this along with a refrigerator thermometer.  I remembered the thermometer but forgot the fan.  The fan would have helped immensely probably, but the thermometer was a must for this trip. 

We thought we were all settled in and leveled and I noticed  the refrigerator getting warmer and warmer.  I was watching the new thermometer and seeing the temperature rise.  I had read that a non-working refrigerator could be the cause of the camper not being level.  So after we had the slide out and  the leveling blocks in place, we had to pull up and do it all over again.  The camper was pretty level before, but it was off just a little.  This was a true learning experience that the camper must be totally level (or at least VERY close) for the refrigerator to work properly. After we leveled the second time the temperature started to cool down and all was well until the next day.

Day 1:

When we got up on Monday, the refrigerator was at the right temps so the thought was all is well….  We realized early afternoon the refrigerator started to warm up again.  It is very hot here.  The outside temps are in the mid 90’s so we figured the refrigerator might not keep up.  It also doesn’t help that the back of the camper (where the refrigerator vents are) are facing direct sunlight most of the day.  So we think this is acceptable to just have issues with a camper refrigerator in this kind of heat.  We did end up getting a cooler to put some things in that we were really concerned about getting warm, but we think we’ll get through the rest of our stay with the refrigerator hovering at 42 – 45 degrees.

Last week  we bought some inexpensive (aka cheap lol) inflatable kayaks on Amazon.  They were only $100 each.  We have talked and talked about getting into kayaking, but like everything else, we didn’t want to invest a ton of money into toys we may or may not get the use out of.  We have never been kayaking and this seemed like a smart way to get into it and see if we liked it.  Also, we didn’t have to buy a kayak rack for the truck and these stored under our dinette seat.  A win, win in our opinion.

The kayaks we bought were rated pretty good on Amazon.  We practiced blowing them up at home and soon discovered an electric pump was the way to go.  The manual pump really wasn’t hard, but why exert all that energy you might need for getting somewhere in these kayaks when you can buy an electric pump at wally world for about 12 bucks.  These kayaks fold up to a backpack sort of thing and make them really, really easy to transport.  When we arrived at our campsite we were thrilled to see we could put them in the water right at our site.  Actually, we have been swimming right from our site also.  We feel like we have our own swimming pool right in our backyard.  I haven’t been swimming in a lake in years and didn’t know how I would feel about it, but a good pair of water shoes did the trick.  The water was clear and warm and had somewhat of a sandy bottom.

Our first run with the kayaks was to go around the cove.  This lake has lots of little coves, but this picture shows you what I mean.  Our campsite was perfect for us being beginner kayakers.  We were able to start at our campsite and paddle around the cove to another campsite that was within walking distance to ours (yellow line on picture).  If we couldn’t make it any further, we figured we could just pull the kayaks up and walk them back to our site.  We ended up paddling back the same way we came.  It’s really interesting paddling and paddling in some spots and you feel like you are not going anywhere.  Then 2 minutes later, you barely have to paddle and you’re drifting right where you want to go.  I’m still figuring out the currents and how to paddle upstream and downstream, but this little route gave us a good variety and still kept us close to the shoreline.  The inflatable kayaks worked great.

Later that day we ventured out to a little hole in the wall general store we saw on the way into this place.  It literally looked like a shack, but the inside had just about everything you could ever need.  I absolutely loved the character of this place.  They were stocked for campers and fisherman alike.  The small produce section had 3 tomatoes (now it only has 2) and the shelves were stuffed with little things you didn’t even know you needed.  I think the major draw for this establishment was the fact they had about 7 ice chests with ice for sale in them.  When you’re out in the middle of nowhere and it’s a really, really hot day, you need ice.  Since our refrigerator was giving us some issues, we decided to pick up a 30 qt cooler.  It wasn’t a Yeti (which we could get at home) but the guy at the store said it was just as good.  He was quite the salesman as we ended up with it and a bag of ice. 

The rest of the day we spent just lounging in the camper (really hot outside) but early evening we fixed some tilapia and vegetables on the grill in foil packets.  Might have gotten the fish a little too done, but it was still very tasty and the clean-up was the best part.

One of the best part about this campsite is that we have front row seats to one of the best shows…. sunsets on water.  We were not disappointed…..

Day 2

Today was a beautiful day on the lake.  We woke up to a really nice breeze as we sat most of the morning drinking coffee and watching our neighbors.  Ever since we got here there has been a group next to us (not all that close) that had about 6 kids and 3 adults all using what looked like a 26′ camper with no slide out.  There was also a boat tied up.  We couldn’t figure out how they all were sleeping in that set-up but to each his own lol…  The kids were loud at times but it was so nice to see them having so much fun.  There was this one little boy that looked to be about 7.  He was in the water constantly.  Even when the others were eating or doing something else, we would just watch him playing with a chair or something.  He was such a little fish.  When they packed up to leave, we almost didn’t want to see them all go lol…  The spot was only open for a few hours before another camper pulled in.

Later in the morning we went out kayaking again doing the same route as yesterday.  There was a little breeze today so the route coming back was a little easier getting in than yesterday.  We did quite well on our kayaks and I’m starting to get the hang of paddling. 

The rest of the day was spent swimming and laying in the sun.  Greg decided to do a little more kayaking and ventured off by himself on this little route.   I couldn’t believe I was seeing him cross the bigger lake part in an inflatable kayak, but there he was paddling away.  He got quite the workout today to say the least.

It’s still very hot so I spent a little time inside with the A/C on full blast.  Dinner was just taco’s and then we drove back  to our now favorite store in the area…Bucannan’s for ice cream.  After dinner we sat and waited for the show to start once again.  I managed to capture this right before the storm rolled in.


As I’m finishing up this post we are getting pounded with some pretty heavy thunderstorms.  The radar is showing red all over the map so it looks like we might not be getting that much sleep tonight.  The good news is it’s suppose to be over by 3 AM.  Our dog has her thunder jacket on so all is well.  To be continued….


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