Kinston, NC/Newport News Trip – part 2

Well it’s a little late since it’s now almost Thanksgiving but  I’m  trying to catch up with this blog.  Since I can’t remember the details of a lot of these pictures (after all it was months ago lol) I thought I would just post a few pictures of our trip.  These pictures are from our driving tour of the National Park Yorktown Battlefield.  It was really neat to purchase a cd ($4.00) in the visitor’s center and then just drive where it told us to go.  During the drive it explained all the sites where we were told to stop at.  It was a theatrical presentation in the voices of Cornwallis, Washington and Lafayette which really made the tour come alive.  I highly recommend that if you are ever in the Yorktown area. 

We also loved the harbor in Yorktown.  There were some nice little shops and beautiful boats to just sit and enjoy.  Loved this area…. Even though the weather was scorching hot our whole trip this last day in this area was probably the best.